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Bo Abobo (アボボ) is a fictional character from the Double Dragon video game series.


Double DragonEdit


Boss of Missions 1 and 3. Very similar to Bolo, except he is a lot stronger.

1 abobo in mission 1, and 2 in mission 3.

Double Dragon II: The RevengeEdit


A character similar to Abobo is in Double Dragon II as a reoccurring sub-boss. However, his name is Bolo or Mibobo. He has long hair, but fights pretty much the same as his predecessor from Double Dragon. He also likes to throw heavy objects like iron balls.

Battletoads/Double Dragon: The Ultimate TeamEdit


A large, muscular man who lacks intelligence, Abobo is the boss of the first level. He smashes through the wall and pummels you repeatedly in an Abobo fashion. His primary attacks involved clobbering the 'Toads and Dragons with his fists.

Abobo, along with Linda Lash, is one of the few Double Dragon characters in the game who remained true to his source material.

Double Dragon (Neo-Geo)Edit


The New York city fighters fear him as "the strongest man." At times, his opponents lose just from being frightened by his size. With his superhuman strength as his weapon, it is nothing for him to bring down any number of enemies, left and right. He is currently Koga Shuko's right hand man, but he is always getting his victories stolen by Burnov, also of the organization, so these two get along very poorly.

Double Dragon AdvanceEdit

A member of the Shadow Warriors who possesses extreme superhuman strength. This giant of a man with rippling muscles is known to decimate his enemies with his brute strength, be it slapping them to the ground, tossing them over his shoulder, or hurling heavy objects their way and is one of the most common enemies in the game. Having fortified his body as a weapon with his experience in actual street fights and playing American football, he has been tasked with the duty of expanding the gang's turf, as well as punishing those who oppose them. He is very loyal to Willy.

Double Dragon NeonEdit

The Brick-Busting Bruiser Abobo is the first boss of the game. In later missions he is a common enemy. This bald brute is slow, but very strong. He has a headbutt, an uppercut, a kick, a powerful throw, and a two-directional punch that he uses at close range. He's resistant to stuns and knockdowns, and he can't be grabbed. Land a few punches on him, then dodge his counterattack and hit him while you have the Gleam.

Double Dragon (TV series)Edit

Abobo is based on the character of the same name from the first Double Dragon game. Like his video game counterpart, this Abobo is a large, muscular goon who throws barrels. However, here Abobo is blue, not green, and he is shown to be fairly intelligent to the point he knows to fear both the Shadow Boss and the Shadow Master. He's certainly smarter than Willy and derides Willy for being a reckless idiot.

Abobo is only featured in the first two episodes. When Abobo witnesses Willy being blasted into the Shadow Mural in the second episode - a wall that comes to life and sucks people into it for failing the Shadow Master - he unsuccessfully attempts to run away. In later episodes, you can even see Abobo's image in the Shadow Mural.

Double Dragon (Film)Edit


Abobo in the movie before being mutated.


Abobo in the movie after being mutated.

Bo Abobo is mutated.


  • In the video game Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, there's a reference to Abobo in the Hospital's morgue computer, when the player check the cadavers names, the name Abobo, G is in the top of the list. When you check the history of the body it will say, "This patient was beaten to death with a baseball bat", a clear reference to how he can be defeated in Double Dragon.
  • Abobo is also featured as the main protagonist for Abobo's Big Adventure, a fanmade flash game which pays tribute to all the NES games.

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