Abore as illustrated in the manual for the Famicom version.

Abore (アボレ) is an enemy character introduced in the arcade version of Double Dragon II: The Revenge, where he first appears as the end boss of Mission 2. He's the largest enemy character in the game (dwarfing the likes of Bolo and Burnov) as well as one of the most powerful, with his shoulder tackles, slaps, and vertical chops capable of taking out a large chunk of the player's health. He has a flat top hair style and wears a long white shirt and red pants held up by suspenders, as well as a pair of sunglasses with Terminator-like glowing eyes behind them. The twin clones of Abore that the player faces at the end of Mission 4 prior to the final battle with Willy wear green pants and black shirts.

Abore's design in the NES version of Double Dragon II differs greatly from his arcade counterpart. In this game, he more closely resembles Oharra (Bolo's head swap from the arcade version) than his counterpart in the arcade version, despite having the same fighting techniques. He lacks his sunglasses and fights completely shirtless, wearing only green camouflage pants and army boots. His design in the PC Engine version is a combination of his previous incarnations from the arcade and NES games.