Bimmy Jammy

The "Mistranslated Mutants", Bimmy 'n' Jammy, are the bosses of Mission 7 in Double Dragon Neon. They are muscular mutant versions of Billy Lee and Jimmy Lee whose fighting style is similar to Abobo's. They also appear in Mission 8 as regular enemies.


  • Bimmy 'n' Jammy are similar to Jawbreaker, they both are mutants brutes who are quite strong and while not being very intelligent they are loyal minions to their masters.
  • Bim and 'n' Jammy are voiced by Nick Malouf (who also voices the Mecha Biker).
  • Bimmy's name comes from an infamous bug in Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones in which Billy's name is misspelled as such during the opening story sequence when the game starts in 2-player mode.