The Black Warriors (ブラック・ウォリアーズ), also known as the Black Shadow Warriors, Shadow Warriors and Gen-Satsu-Ken, is an evil group from the Double Dragon series, serving as the main adversaries to the Lee brothers in the first two arcade games and a minor enemy faction in the third game. Because of the differences between the arcade and certain console versions of the games, particularly the Famicom/NES versions, the exact nature of the gang and its roster, tend to vary. In the localized version of Double Dragon II: The Revenge for the NES, the gang were renamed the Black Shadow Warriors (originally written as a separate unnamed organization in the Japanese NES version), a name also used for the enemy gang in Super Double Dragon and they were just called Shadow Warriors in Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls, the TV series, and Double Dragon Advance.


Listed by their initial appearance.

Double DragonEdit

Double Dragon IIEdit

Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta StoneEdit

In this game they are called the Neo Black Warriors.

Super Double DragonEdit

Double Dragon AdvanceEdit

Double Dragon (iOS/Android)Edit

Double Dragon NeonEdit

The name of Skullmageddon's gang is never given a name in the game, although a press release by Majesco identifies them as the Black Dragon Clan.