Unarmored Blaster

Blaster without armor

Armored Blaster

Blaster with armor

Colonel Neil McReady, also known as Blaster, is a character from the Double Dragon TV series.

Colonel McReady moves back to Metro City upon his retirement after 10 years of service. When Shadow Master creates a new designer drug called Oblivion and has Sickle and Trigger Happy distribute it in McReady's neighborhood, Trigger Happy also takes a neighborhood kid as a hostage, and Shadow Master intends to use the kid as a guinea pig for Super Oblivion. McReady gets fed of the violence and death brought by Oblivion, and arms himself with an experimental plasma blaster of his own design.

After finding where Shadow Master has the kid, McReady finds Billy Lee and Jimmy Lee in their Double Dragon forms, and after a misunderstanding, they fight together against the Shadow Warriors, rescue the kid and destroy the lab where Oblivion is made. The Lee brothers agree to make Colonel McReady a Dragon Warrior, and he is codenamed Blaster.

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