Burnov (ブルノフ) is a recurring enemy boss in the Double Dragon series, who debuted in the arcade version of Double Dragon II: The Revenge.


Double Dragon II: The RevengeEdit

Arcade versionEdit

Burnov is a masked wrestler who serves as the end boss of Mission 1. His special attack involves grabbing the player's head with one arm and using the other to punch him in the face. Unlike other enemies, who simply lie on the floor after being defeated, Burnov will stand up and yell before vanishing into thin air, leaving behind his clothes and mask. He reappears in pairs near the end of Mission 3, before reaching the entrance of the enemy's hideout, and again in Mission 4 just before the final hall. The second Burnov who gets defeated in both of these battles will revive himself after his initial defeat.

Like the other enemies in the game, Burnov's palette changes for each stage. The initial Burnov in Mission 1 has red hair and blue pants, while the pair that appears in Mission 3 have blue hair and wear red pants, sharing the same palette as Linda in those stages. The twin Burnovs in Mission 4 wear white pants and have purple skin.

NES versionEdit

A large-sized boss who can revive himself after dying once. - Translated description from the Japanese manual.

Burnov only appears twice in the NES version, first as the boss at the end of Mission 1 and later on in the first room with the disappearing bridge in Mission 7. He always revives himself once after losing his first battle, but can be immediately be defeated if he is thrown off a building or into a spiked floor.

Double Dragon IVEdit

While on a trip to San Francisco, Burnov and his crew attacked the Lee brothers. They beat up the attackers, including Burnov, who tells them he was hired by Jake of The Renegades

Double Dragon (Neo-Geo)Edit


Burnov's portrait in the Neo-Geo game


Voice: Daisuke Gouri

Birthplace: Detroit

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 495 lbs.

Fighting Style: Wrestling

Hobbies: Guitar, cooking


Proud of his invincible strength, he was once a professional wrestler feared as "the human bomb." He was the super heavyweight champion, but learning of Koga Shuko's existence, he retired immediately. At present, he is in charge of a whole district within the organization. He is usually quiet, but when excited, he becomes a killing machine. - Description from the manual.

Double Dragon AdvanceEdit

A former heavyweight-class wrestler who achieved fame in the underworld circuit. Due to the immense strength he has shown during his professional career, he was barred from competing in betting matches, so he was scouted by the Shadow Warriors after his retirement. He now roams the streets of the underworld as a member of a criminal organization. Usually wears an armored helmet mask to conceal his plain face. - Translated description from the Japanese manual.