For individual characters with the surname, see Chin.
DD3AC Chin portrait

The Chin brothers (Japanese: 陳兄弟 Romaji: Chin Kyōdai) are a playable character type in Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone. They are described as experts in tai chi with unique moves. Their special technique is the Locking Head Squeeze (Japanese: 双方眼耳 Romaji: Sōhō Gan Ji).

In the export versions of Double Dragon 3, players can only play as a Chin brother by purchasing the "Extra Guys" option from the item shop in the beginning of Mission 2 (China). They become playable after the player's current character is killed. In the Japanese version they're selectable from the start.


  • Seime - The first Chin brother in blue.
  • Taime - The second Chin brother in red.
  • Sinme - The third Chin brother in yellow.


  • Seime's full name was supposed to be Chin Seimei (陳 静明) according to unused graphic assets, much like his counterpart in the Famicom/NES version (Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones). The omission of the second "i" in his given name was due to the player's name display having a five character limit, resulting in every playable character having a name fitting this constraint (e.g. Billy, Roney, Masao).
  • Seime was intended to be the only Chin brother in the game. The other two, Taime and Sinme, were later added to allow multiple players to control the same character type.
  • The red outfit that Seime was supposed to wear was instead given to Taime, the second brother, due to red traditionally being a second player's color.
  • Taime's name suggests that he is meant to be Chin Taimei from previous games. However, the short and chubby designs that the Chin brothers have in Double Dragon 3 are a contrast to the tall and lean Chin Taimei who appears in the other games.

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