The other half of the dire duo, she wants revenge on the 'toads for Ragnarok! As usual, you'll have to defeat her disciples before you'll get the chance to show her the error of her ways. - Official description from the manual

The Dark Queen is one of the two antagonists in the Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team, representing the Battletoads side of the two franchises. She's the nemesis of the Toads and seeks vengeance against them months after her defeat in Ragnarok World (the events of the original Battletoads). She joins forces with the Shadow Boss and his minions in their ambition to conquer the Earth, causing the Toads to enlist the assistance of the Lee brothers to thwart their dark alliance.

The Dark Queen is the boss of Stage 7 (Armageddon II - The Rematch) and the game's final boss, awaiting the player in her personal spaceship following the defeat of the Shadow Boss. When the player confronts the Dark Queen, she transforms into a flame capable of moving across the floor, rendering her invulnerable while in this state. She occasionally emerges from the flame to throw a fireball at the player, which is the only time she's open for an attack.

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