Jick (ジック, Jikku)[1] is an enemy in the arcade version of Double Dragon. He's essentially a head swap of Abobo with a full beard and a mohawk hairstyle, giving him a bit of a resemblance to actor Mr. T; his eyes are also a bit larger than Abobo's. Jick has the same techniques as Abobo, but performs a two-handed slap in addition to his other moves. However, he cannot lift heavy objects like Abobo. Jick serves as the end-boss of Mission 1 and appears as a twin sub-boss near the end of Mission 4 prior to reaching the final hall where Willy awaits. Jick's mugshot can be seen on the wanted poster in the background at the beginning of Mission 1.


  • The character's name was given in a 1987 issue of the Japanese video game magazine Famicom Tsūshin (now known as Famitsū) published shortly after the game's release. The spelling "Jick" used in this article is not the official romanization, but an approximation of its pronunciation.[1]
  • The game's boss theme is listed in the track list under the title "Abobo the Giant Appears" (大男アボボ登場), implying that "Abobo" is one of the bosses
  • Jick and Jeff are the only characters in the arcade version who are head swaps of other characters (Abobo and the Lee brothers respectively).
  • Most console adaptations cut out Jick from the enemy roster, often substituting him with a palette swapped version of Abobo (as was the case in the Master System and Genesis versions). While Double Dragon Advance features mohawked variants of Abobo (in addition to the standard bald version and the newly introduced afro-haired variety), their facial structures are much closer to Abobo's than Jick's.
  • Because Jick was cut from the console versions of the game, his name was not known among players, with some people assuming him to be Bolo (a similar head swap variant of Abobo featured in most versions of Double Dragon II: The Revenge).