For the enemy character also known as Lopar in the original Double Dragon, see Rowper.
An old enemy of the Lee twins, he's going to make sure that this encounter won't end in receiving his usual humiliating beating. - Official description from the manual.

Lopar is an enemy in Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team. The Lopars are shirtless bandanna-wearing martial artists who confront the player throughout Stage 5 (Missile Mayhem), which is set atop a giant missile that is making its way toward Earth from outer space. Their techniques include flying jump kicks, cartwheels, and shuriken throws.


Lopar's name comes from an alternate translation of the name Rowper that appeared in the manuals for certain versions of the original Double Dragon, a result of the ambiguity that comes from transliterating foreign names or words rendered in Japanese. Despite this, Lopar appears to more closely modeled after the Double Dragon II: The Revenge incarnation of Williams, who also had a cartwheel move and threw knives at his opponent.