Marian Kelly (マリアン・ケリー Marian Kerī?), often just referred to simply as Marian, and sometimes known as Marion or Mary Ann, is a fictional support character in the Double Dragon series. She is Billy Lee's girlfriend; a part-time martial arts instructor at their dojo who is usually kidnapped and held hostage (mainly by the Black Warriors gang), setting off the events of several games in the franchise.


Double DragonEdit

Billy Lee's girlfriend and an instructor at the Sou-Setsu-Ken Dojo.[citation needed] Kidnapped by the Black Warriors.

Double Dragon II: The RevengeEdit

Billy's girlfriend and an instructor at the Sou-Setsu-Ken Dojo. In the original game, she was held hostage by the Black Warriors but was rescued by Billy and Jimmy Lee at the end. This time around, she gets shot to death by the leader of the Black Warriors, Willy. In the NES/PC Engine version, completing the game on the hardest difficulty by beating the Mysterious Warrior will allow Marian to be resurrected.

Double Dragon III: The Sacred StonesEdit

As you know by now, Marian (or Marion, which is Acclaim's preferred spelling) is Billy's girlfriend, who was held prisoner by the Black Warriors during the first game and was literally saved from death at the end of the second. In the American version, she once again serves the role of damsel-in-distress, in which she is held hostage by a mysterious group demanding the Rosetta Stones in exchange for her safety. That's not the case at all in the Japanese version, where she is safe and sound for once. She even gives instructions on how to play through the game's manual. In the American version, players are led to believe that Marion has been possessed by an evil spirit that turned her into the not-so-cleverly named Queen Noiram.

Super/Return of Double DragonEdit

Marian, a beautiful young policewoman, is a student of Kung Fu and part-time assistant instructor at the martial arts training school run by Billy and Jimmy Lee. A narcotics investigator, she has disappeared while attempting to infiltrate the ruthless criminal mob known as the Black Shadow Warriors.

Double Dragon IVEdit

In this game, she is kidnapped by the Okada sisters and taken to Japan as a way of bringing Billy and Jimmy there for the sisters to take down. After the brothers are dropped down a trap door, they find her while escaping the area under the sister's villa. She tells them where the sisters went and they go off for one final fight against them.

Double Dragon (Neo Geo)Edit

Personal dataEdit

Voice: Yuka Koyama
Birthplace: Los Angeles
Height: 5′ 5″
Measurements: B31 W21 H34
Fighting style: Street fighting
Hobbies: Window shopping, figure skating


A cheerful, justice-loving, and very athletic young woman. She likes salad and cats. She seems like a typical girl, but she is actually the female leader of a street gang. Because of this, her strong personality and courageousness stand out, but she also has a kind and feminine side. While currently learning martial arts from the Lee brothers, she had also studied figure skating, so she fights with a tricky technique that utilizes those skills. She thinks of Billy and Jimmy as younger brothers who always need for help.

Rage of the DragonsEdit

Not much is said about Marian in this game, but the plot changes her involvement with Jimmy, announcing how they were in a relationship instead of her being with Billy. She (renamed Mariah in this installment) is also long dead in this version, as shown in Jimmy's ending in which he visits her grave with his new female partner Sonia. Jimmy is shown to not have completely gotten over Mariah's death, as seen in his ending with Billy as his partner; Billy asks him to let it go and move on with his life, but Jimmy angrily refuses.

(This game uses the characters and settings from Double Dragon, but is deemed non-canon since they couldn't get the actual rights for the Double Dragon franchise.)

Double Dragon AdvanceEdit

Marian is Billy's girlfriend, who was kidnapped by the Shadow Warriors so that the Dragons would hand over the book of the Sou-Setsu-Ken. The affection that both Billy and Jimmy hold for her seems to be creating tension between the brothers lately.

Double Dragon NeonEdit

Marian is kidnapped by Skullmageddon's henchmen. Later Skullmageddon turns her into Evil Marian. Evil Marian is fought alongside Skullmageddon as the penultimate boss, flying around the room and attacking with projectiles. The Lee brothers manage to defeat Skullmageddon and free her from his control. She then uses the "Power of Love" to help the Lee brothers go after Skullmageddon to defeat him.

Double Dragon (TV series)Edit

Marian is the newest member of the Metro Task Force. She met Billy while trying to stop an armored car heist being carried out by Willy and Abobo. Afterward, Marian then followed Billy back to the Dragon Dojo and offered to make him a special deputy with the police department, allowing him to arrest people and carry a weapon (although he was doing this anyway). When Jimmy subsequently turned to the side of good, Marian deputized him as well.

Unlike in the video games, here Marian does not act as Billy's girlfriend. She's not even a potential love interest for either of the brothers. In fact, she managed to butt heads with Jimmy multiple times. However, she's always eager to work together with the Dragons to stop the Shadow Master and fight crime, and she will stand by their side even when public sentiment has turned against them. Marian is shown to be skilled in combat, even though she is not a member of the Dragon Dojo. She was featured quite prominently in season one, but her role in the show was downplayed during season two.

Double Dragon (film)Edit

In the film, Marian Delario is the leader of a gang. She's portrayed by Alyssa Milano.


  • Originally Marian had no surname in the games, but was given one through the various Double Dragon-related media. She was named Marian Steele in the Marvel Comics adaptation, Marian Martin in the animated series, and Marian Delario in the live-action movie. In the manual for Return of Double Dragon, she is referred as Marian Kelly (マリアン・ケリー?).
  • In Double Dragon Neon, Marian is voiced by Christijana York and Evil Marian is voiced by Wendy York (who also voices Ichisumi).