The "Thorny Triple Threat", Marian II, is the boss of Mission 8 in Double Dragon Neon. It is a giant plant that punches with its bulb vines and spits bones. After receiving enough damage, the bulbs on the vines will turn into a shark head that fires incendiary missiles and a dinosaur head that fires lasers. After defeating the bulbs, the mouth will reveal a weak point that can be defeated with few hits, causing Marian II to explode. In Mission 9, the player slides down the first part of the stage on Marian II's remains.


The name "Marian II" is a reference to the movie Little Shop of Horrors. In this movie, a meek flower shop employee named Seymour obtains a mysterious plant, which he names Audrey II after his longtime crush Audrey. Audrey II grows rapidly when fed blood and develops an insatiable thirst for the stuff, as well as the ability to speak.

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