Mecha Biker

Mecha Biker's introduction in Double Dragon Neon.

The "Super Combat Bot", Mecha Biker, is the boss of Mission 4 in the video game Double Dragon Neon. He appears as a blue cyborg riding a red hoverbike. His bike releases powerful flames from the back, which are used as a flamethrower. Sometimes the bike stops moving, giving the player the chance to attack him while he fixes it.

After the Mecha Biker takes enough hits, he will fall from the bike and attack with a pistol by shooting three bullets or a powerful charge shot, and also with a sliding kick. When defeated, he will explode into energy spheres and the player will take his bike to escape the exploding rocket dojo.


  • The Mecha Biker's appearance and traits are similar to Ice Pick another villain who is also a cyborg who uses diffrent types of advanced weapons and technology against the heroes during their fights.
  • The Mecha Biker is voiced by Nick Malouf (who also voices Bimmy 'n' Jammy).
  • The Mecha Biker is a reference to Mega Man, with his design heavily inspired by the Bad Box Art Mega Man designs from the Western covers of Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10, plus his "Super Combat Bot" moniker refers to the opening of the Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoon that describes him as a "super Fighting Robot." Skullmageddon even refers to him as the "Mecha Mandroid."