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The Mysterious Warrior (Japanese: 謎の格闘家 Romaji: Nazo no Kakutōka, lit. "The Mysterious Martial Artist") is the final boss in the Famicom/NES version of Double Dragon II: The Revenge, who replaces Willy as the game's main antagonist in those versions.

The Mysterious Warrior's true name is Raymond-The leader of the group, who wears a purple outfit and has blond long hair with a ponytail. Has all the special abilities of his subordinates.. All that it is known is that he is the successor of a deadly martial art known as Gensatsuken (幻殺拳, lit. "Phantom Murder Fist"), whose school has been in conflict with the Lee brothers' own style of Sōsetsuken (双截拳) for generations due to their opposing ideals. He forms his own organization following the downfall of the Black Warriors, targeting various martial artists, including the students of the Lee brothers' own school. When Billy Lee's girlfriend, Marian, is killed during one of their attacks, the Lee brothers pursue the organization until reaching their island stronghold, eventually coming face to face with the leader himself. After being defeated by the Lee brothers, the Warrior tells the Lee brothers about the prophecy that has been passed down within his school. After his death, the Lee brothers return to their home only to find that Marian has been miraculously brought back to life.

In the Famicom version of Double Dragon II, the Warrior always appears regardless of the difficulty the game is set on, whereas in the NES version he only appears on the hardest setting (Supreme Master). The battle against him consists of two phases. During the first phase, he fights on a green field at night with a demonic statue and a pair of eyes in the background. After he takes sufficient damage, the background changes to the interior of a temple. His techniques include a thrust, a roundhouse kick, a backflip kick and a spinning clothesline. He can also turn invisible at will during the first phase. After the Warrior is defeated, Marian will return to life.

In the PC Engine version, the Warrior can be fought on any of the three different difficulty settings, although the ending differs depending on the choice. On the easiest setting, the Warrior will escape after the first phase of the battle, mocking the Lee brothers for their failure to defeat him, resulting in a bad ending.



  • While his organization is unnamed in the Japanese version, the English localization refers to them as the "Black Shadow Warriors" in the manual and "Shadow Warriors" in the opening sequence. The only other time the term "Shadow Warrior" appears in the English script is when Billy (or Jimmy) uses it to address the Mysterious Warrior himself prior to the final confrontation. The "Shadow Warriors" would be used as the name of the enemy organization in later games and works such as Super Double Dragon, Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls, the TV series and Double Dragon Advance.
  • The Mysterious Warrior is alternatively known as the "Supreme Black Shadow Sensei" in the English manual for Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone.

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