Rebecca Brielle is a playable character in the Neo-Geo version of Double Dragon.

Double Dragon (Neo-Geo)Edit


Voice: Keiko Han

Birthplace: Holland

Height: 5'8"

Size: B35 W24 H36

Fighting Style: Tonfa

Hobbies: Tea ceremony, Japanese dance


Her father was an instructor of karate, aikido and judo, and as a result, she is learning martial arts for her own protection. She was in love with Eric, a young man she met at the dojo, but she eventually discovered that he was one of Shuko's men and was attempting to take over the dojo for the organization. Rebecca was shocked and attempted to convince Eric to change his ways, but he turned on her, showing his true self. She realized that his love for her was fake and, in tears, fought him and won. Wanting vengeance against Shuko for hurting her female sensitivities, she stands against him in order to prevent something like this from ever happening again.