Right Arm (Japanese: 右腕, Romaji: Migiude) or right-hand man is an enemy in the NES version of Double Dragon II: The Revenge.


He's a "middle boss" class enemy who appears at least once in every stage from Mission 2 through Mission 8, usually in pairs or in groups of 3 or 4. They always fight unarmed, never wielding any weapons, though their punches and kicks are quicker and stronger than those of other lower-class enemy types (especially their jump kicks).

While the Right Arms are exclusive to the NES version, they can be considered to be an equivalent to the Jeff character from the arcade versions of the first two games. Unlike Jeff, who is a head swap of the Lee brothers, the Right Arm has his own design. The Right Arms were supposed to appear in the PC Engine version of Double Dragon II, but were cut from the final game. However, their graphical assets are still present in the game's data.

He later appears in Double Dragon IV.