He's as big as Abobo, he's as bad as Abobo, but he's also got a BIG GUN! What's more, he knows how to use it, 'specially on 'toads and Dragons! - Official description from the manual

Roper is an enemy character featured in Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team. He's a machine gun-wielding minion of the Shadow Boss who shows up to confront the Toads and the Dragons at the end of Stage 3, titled "Ropes and Roper". The player can only avoid his bullets by crouching. At close range, he will swing the butt of his machine gun at the player.


  • Roper, despite sharing his name with a recurring underling and being nothing more than a stage boss, is clearly intended to be Willy Mackey, the leader of the Black Warriors and arch-nemesis of the Lee brothers in the original Double Dragon. This discrepancy was likely the result of developer Rare not being very familiar with the Double Dragon storyline and characters.
  • Roper's character design differs between the 8-bit and 16-bit versions. In the NES and Game Boy versions, Roper closely resembles Willy (especially in his face portrait), with his widow peak and spiked shoulder pad. In the Super NES and Sega Genesis versions, he instead resembles a shirtless Schwarzenegger-like commando with stubble.

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