The Shadow Boss's personal army of mindless morons. They patrol the Colossus's tail, eager to repel attackers. - Official description from the manual

The Shadow Marine is an enemy type featured in Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team. They are the very first enemies that the player encounters in the game. While they're not particularly difficult to defeat, their punches and human drill attacks can take a chunk of the player's health. They can also knock the player off the Colossus when hanging from the edge of the tail if he's not careful. The Shadow Marines resurface for the final stage just before the battle against the Dark Queen.


  • In the NES and Game Boy versions of the game, some of the Shadow Marines from the later portions of Stage 1 are drawn differently from the initial type, as they wear astronaut-like helmets in lieu of their usual hoods. These alternate types are absent in the Super NES and Sega Genesis versions.