Sickle (鎌) is a member of the Shadow Warriors in the Double Dragon television series and a playable character in Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls. He specializes in disguises and is armed with two large red sickles.

Double Dragon 5 dossierEdit

  • Date of birth: 07-23-64
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 215 lbs
  • Eyes: brown
  • Hair: red
  • Likes: Styling mousse
  • Dislikes: Dull knives
  • Origin: Hollywood
  • Fighting style: Su gin

Double Dragon 5Edit

Sickle is described as having a very strong fashion sense. By the end of the game he is revealed to have opened a hair salon for Metro City's rich and famous.

Double Dragon (TV series)Edit


Sickle's production rendering for the TV series.

In the animated series, Sickle is shown as being more of a vicious henchman than someone with a flair for fashion. He is one of three primary henchmen often deployed on missions by the Shadow Master. He often works in concert with Trigger Happy and Countdown. In the series, Sickle still retains his talent for disguises, an invaluable asset to the Shadow Master's plans. In the episode "Judgment Day", Sickle took on the disguise of the highly respected Judge Rhodes to sentence Jimmy Lee to jail on false charges.

Flashbacks in the episodes "River of Tears" and "The Abyss" consistently show that Sickle had long hair when he was younger.