DD3AC Urquidez portrait

The Urquidez brothers (ユキーデ兄弟 Yukīde Kyōdai?) are a playable character type in Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone. They are described as world-class martial arts champions with powerful moves. Their special technique is the Handstand Ankle Flip (固足龍旋尾 Ko Soku Ryū Sen Bi?).

In the export versions of Double Dragon 3, players can only play as an Urquidez brother by purchasing the "Extra Guys" option from the item shop in the beginning of Mission 1 (America) or the one in the second area of Mission 5 (Egypt). They become playable after the player's current character is killed. In the Japanese version they are selectable from the start.


  • Roney - The first Urquidez brother, who has blond hair and wears blue pants.
  • Sunny - The second Urquidez brother, who has green hair and wears orange pants.
  • Jonny - The third Urquidez brother, who has brown hair and wears yellow pants.


  • The Urquidez brothers appear to be named and modeled after real life martial artist Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, who pioneered full-contact karate as a competitive sports in the U.S.
  • Roney was the only Urquidez brother intended to appear in the game. The other two, Sunny and Jonny, were later added to allow multiple players to control the same character type.
  • Roney was originally going to have green hair and orange pants. This palette was instead given to Sunny after he was added to the game, due to the color orange being closer to red, which is traditionally the second player's color in the series.